Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter

Someone's got their paws in my cookie jar.

Up until 2 days ago these corn plants all had 2 gorgeous, curly leaves cascading down from their spiraly centers. My corn was on and poppin!

(Eat your heart out on that one David Letterman.)

Till 2 days ago that is. I went out to water and was greeted by this hot mess!

It appears rabbits or some other rascal I would normally refer to as cute is having a good time out here at my expense.

I'm not one to work against what's not working. It's often easier to just take the paved bike trail when faced with an uphill battle. Why fight when you don't have to?

This week I'm throwing in the towel on the corn.

Sorry Mr. Rabbit. No more corn for you.

It will take a night of Ben and Jerry's Therapy to get over this loss. I was excited about that corn. But I have faith it's nothing a little fudge center and a few peanut butter cup chunks can't handle. Dessert heals all wounds.

So, check out the rest of the bed. Isn't it looking great!?

My squash plants are looking good.

Almost all the seeds I planted sprouted. Which means they need to be spread out.

So, the plan is: after I evict the corn, half these lucky winners will get the keys to their brand new condos on the south side of LGG!

Stay tuned to see what they do with the place...

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