Monday, September 8, 2014

Many Hands Make Good The Eating...and The Life

Fort Collins is big into growing food. Bike around and you see tons of backyard gardens, raised's everywhere.

There are lots of fruit trees around too. Check out this one in my complex.

My experience of living in this is that people get and share awesome produce like mad!

If you're a part of this community, you probably got bag of onions or a cucumber from somebody this week.

Behold the goings on of my fridge...

I bumped into a friend who's an Agriculture student on the street last week, and she had a giant bag of beets for me! And a cool woman in our community garden gave me a few too.

Plus, I got hooked up with these beauties from The Growing Project, where I volunteered yesterday.

(Speaking of The Growing Project, look at their pretty farm and check out their website. Their vision for feeding the poor is incredible.)

The Growing Project, Ft. Collins, CO

So my takeaway is this: when lots of us farm a little, We The People are empowered with quality, super low-cost fruits and veggies.

You don't even have to grow everything you want. Just get out and say hello to people! Eventually, eggplant magically arrives on your table.

Growing food is the human community's birthright.

It may not be your preference to do it, and that is fine! Write your book, cure cancer, sell stuff on eBay. Do you.

But we should all make it easy for anyone to cultivate the food they need to live on this Earth.

Off to roast beets...