Friday, May 11, 2012

Sharing the bounty

Today I harvested a record total of 13 pounds. And my plot is only about the size of two kitchen tables! 

We gardeners all must donate half the produce we grow. Which I am happy to do. So, this is what I'm taking to charity this evening. 

                                                                                    9 pounds of beauty.

                              And now, my next challenge: what do to with my share of the bounty...

I usually chop up swiss chard and sauté it with a little vinegar, oil, and garlic, but I'm thinking a special Mother's Day recipe is in order. I wonder what I can find in my cookbooks.

Now, no doubt you saw the little red potatoes up in the first photo, which I have yet to mention. I know, so exciting! They are here! More on that event up next...

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