Thursday, May 3, 2012

Potatoes, potatoes, coming right up

I've been going to the garden daily lately to water seeds and get them to sprout. I should probably just get the job done quickly, but I usually end up staying longer than necessary because truly, I'm in love with my garden and I love to examine everything and admire it.

I planted red potatoes a few months ago. Like garlic, they require patience because you can't see the actual potatoes grow--you just see these green leaves. 

Don't get me wrong--watching the leaves grow has been exciting. To grow potatoes, you have to bury little potato pieces pretty far down in the ground. It's hard to believe that you will ever see them again. And then one day like magic, a little flower appears.

Still, you don't get to watch the actual potatoes grow. You don't know what's happening under there, month after month. You just have to trust.

Potatoes can be harvested when their leaves start dying. I've been keeping a close lookout for this.

Yesterday, I was certain one of the green bushes had turned the corner. So, I cheated a little and started digging around.

I did not have to dig far. Just beyond a thin dusting of soil sat two fat little dark-red potatoes!

That is what I love about the garden. You never know what surprises await you.

Like any good cheater, I hid the evidence and put the soil back on top of them.

But the potato harvest is coming...