Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cattle School Dropout

Meet Lily Noonkester!

Lily was supposed to be a cattle herder, but to the dismay of her previous owners she was more intrigued by birds. She flunked out of cattle school and was relegated to Craigslist. 

The wheels of fate began turning. Terry and Sam's crops were getting ransacked by deer and they needed a dog ASAP to run them off. Terry found Lily's ad and the rest is history.

Lily's only been around the ranch a few months and the deer have successfully been deterred. A few nights ago she even barked at a hissing mystery animal outside (thank you!!). 

A+ Lily!


Willow Paule Photography said...

Go Lily! And I love the title of this blog entry :-).

Lisa said...

Thanks Willow!!