Friday, August 3, 2012

Greetings From Noonkester Ranch

Earlier this week I arrived at Noonkester Ranch, my second WWOOF stop.

The Noonkesters have a very nice, new home on 22 acres

Terry and Sam Noonkester are very nice and interesting people. We've already had some great conversations. 

They began building their ranch in Myrtle Creek, Oregon about 3 years ago with the goal of creating something valuable and productive to pass down to their children. They live in a brand new house they designed themselves with a very nice 1-bedroom guesthouse next door. That's where I'm staying.

They have a great variety of projects going, all with the intent of feeding themselves and selling produce and honey at local markets. Most days, Sam works repairing lumber mill equipment while Terry keeps the farm up. Then Sam returns in the afternoons to join her in farm tasks.

Check it all out.

Vegetable garden with bee hives in the back (the white boxes)

These chickens are called Black Silkies

A White Silky Rooster


Dreamer, another resident

Vermiculture: worms eat kitchen scraps buried under this paper and turn it into great soil
Several blueberry varieties are under cultivation
A young orchard will produce apples, cherries, nectarines, Asian pears, and plums
Mushroom cultivation
My little neighbors!


Meg said...

I'm waiting for some pictures of your guesthouse that sounds so luxurious!

Sara said...

I miss having animals, but not the work. Nice diversity.