Saturday, June 7, 2014

LGG is Back!

Hello again friends! I'm so excited to announce the official resurrection of Lisa's Green Garden. We're back!

I never knew what would happen to this blog when I left it. I was always sad that, like my gardening, it had come to an end, for...who knew how long.

But as all farmers know everything that lives and breathes (and has a URL) experiences winter.

And then before you know it, new life springeth forward...

and you have a new garden!

It, like me, is now located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I'm very happy here. Ft. Collins is an amazing city. And finding an apartment complex with a garden onsite felt like divine intervention.

Beautiful Downtown Ft. Collins!

If you know me you know I don't like to rush much so you can guess which plot in the garden is mine.

I'm excited to share its plastic tarp beginnings with you because I'm so excited of all that's to come.

There is a quiet magic in this space. Yes, the magic of the fresh Rocky Mountain air and the pretty pond that's next to it is part of it.

LGG is lucky to operate next to this amazing pond.
I come here and quietly marvel at the world almost every evening.

But also it's the magic of the unknown. Of all that is now, and all that is to come.

Colorado is the 3rd state I've farmed in. I'm intrigued by the soil, and the high altitude factors. Like intense sunlight, and different temperatures. New critters to meet (and beat).

I'm thinking greens, tomatoes, and herbs. Stay tuned... 


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Lisa!
I'm having quite the time learning to garden in the hot, sandy soil of Salt Lake City after 20+ years of farming the lush soil of East TN. I have had a few casualties (my poor eggplants :( ) but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Can't wait to see what all your adorable garden yields!!

Melle said...

Hi Katy! Thank you, what a nice compliment! Wow, that's a huge change in environment. What are you growing now in Utah? How long is your growing season? It looks like ours lasts until October here in Colo. I would love to see your journey somehow. If you send me some pics/info maybe we could have a Katy Snow guest post on LGG!! I would love that. :) Hugs!

Kelly McBride said...

Oh love it! Go girl! You rock and always inspire me!

Melle said...

Thank you Kelly! I'm so happy you're here checking it out! Love you. :)