Sunday, June 22, 2014

And We're Off!

So, snake-apalooza cleared out this week and I was able to sow my new plot.  
(Is sow the right word? I'm not really up on official farm lingo but I'm trying to keep it classy here...)

If you take a look around, you might pick up on the fact that everyone else's plots are greener than mine at this point in the season. Perhaps I'm a little late to the party?

I have to admit, I was feeling a little insecure about my brown mud pile amidst all the green when I went out to water tonight.

I have never gardened in Colorado, and I'm committed to not reading one single thing about it. My inner nerd needs to take a vacation and not turn this into "LGG Colorado: the PhD Dissertation." I don't want this to overwhelm me. 

So, I got a few seeds and plants that, according to the back of the packages might work out under current weather circumstances. Beyond that, plant, water and pray is the plan.

So! Here's what we're working with, mid-June along the Front Range.

A nice cilantro plant. I love cilantro and I've always wanted to grow it.

A peppermint plant...also a love of mine. Can't wait to make sauces and drinks!

And scattered about the plot:
  • basil seeds
  • 2 corn seed varieties
  • rainbow swiss chard seeds
  • 2 squash seed varieties
  • honeydew melon seeds
I decided to splurge on organic plants and seeds this time. I don't judge anyone for not doing this. I gardened several seasons with conventional seeds and plants and I definitely enjoyed the prices more. So if that's what you're doing, carry on and enjoy a nice ad-free Pandora subscription for me this month with the cheese you saved. 

Anyway, can you imagine all this growing into hot bounty for my kitchen?!  I KNOW!

Ooh...check out what I found upon closer inspection.

A promising beginning week! Let's see what happens.

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