Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Look What Happened!


As you can see, LGG got sidetracked for a minute (ok, a month).

I've been sad not to share all the happenings of the plot. But life is overwhelming at times. I'm sure you can relate. we are, so here we go!

Check out what happened!

The zucchini went to town. Almost every seed I planted sprouted and grew. Just look at this beautiful jungle.

Lots of goodies hiding in there, day after pretty, sunny, Colorado day. 

I got so many zuchinni off these plants.

The swiss chard and basil is producing nicely as well. I'm getting a few chard leaves every couple of days, and a handful of basil.

So, what do I do with all this?

A great way for all you kids at heart who still resist eating vegetables to get the job done is to make smoothies.

I throw zucchinni, chard, basil, plain yogurt, fruit and water in my blender, et voila!

I take a smoothie with me wherever I'm going and drink it all day long. You get plenty of raw veggies in each day, and never taste a thing. Try it!


Look out winter, here we come!

I boiled zucchini slices for 3 minutes, drained it, and put it in quart-sized freezer bags. Not hard.

So, that's it! Here's to a fantastic, successful season.

I'd like to conclude this post and my zucchini bonanza with a great big thanks to Mama Nature, for this steady stream of nutritious blessings. I'm loving it. You rock.

The weather is changing, so I pulled the plants yesterday and sowed the plot for Fall. More on that coming your way soon!


Willow Paule Photography said...

Wow, Lisa! The garden looks great! You made it all look like a piece of cake. The veggies look perfect. I like the taste of all those things, so I would love cooking with them.

Melle said...

Come over Willow! I want to cook with you. :)