Friday, April 20, 2012

Garlic! (Finally!)

I planted this garlic (I believe) around November. What a pleasure growing garlic has been! I just put a clove from the grocery store in the ground and it grew and grew and grew.

The hardest part was after the green leaves above-ground got big, I still had to wait for the bulbs in the ground to fill out. I've been waiting for months.

I really didn't know when to harvest it--I just kept digging around the base from time to time to check for garlic bulbs. For so many months, no bulbs.

Until today!

Tired of waiting, I asked one of the other community gardeners to come take a look. She's a lot bolder than me, so she said, "just pull it out and look at it!" I'm always scared of messing up my garden so part of me couldn't believe I really could just do that. But, you can! So that's what she did! And ready it was.

Now, onto my favorite part, EATING IT.

There are 3 more garlic plants still in the plot. I'll get pics of them up soon for you...


Willow Paule Photography said...

You can eat the tops, too! Looks good, Lisa :-).

Lisa said...

Ooh, I hadn't thought of that. I'm envisioning a stir fry with green garlic tops!

michelle_belle said...

Awesome, Lisa! So you literally just put 1 clove of garlic into the ground, and it multiplied into all of those bulbs?

Lisa said...

Thanks Michelle! Yes, that's correct!