Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out Martha Stewart: Wild Black Raspberry Syrup Making With The Hammonds

I pride myself on going to great lengths to make things from scratch. Thanks to the Hammonds, I am now in a new league.

Sherman and Sara drove us around in the Oregon woods on dirt roads in search of blackcap raspberries, which are wild black raspberries. They know the area well of course, and knew just where to look.

Find them we did. After an afternoon of gathering, we came back with almost 2 gallons.

You berry experts out there might be wondering if there aren't a few large blackberries mixed in. You are right. We found a few luscious wild Oregon blackberries during our hunt, and their taste is unlike any blackberry I've ever had. They burst with sweet juice and end on a light sugary cloud. Heavenly.

Blackcap raspberries are too seedy to enjoy raw or to make jam from, so Sara feels it's best to make syrup with them.

We strained them of all their juices, added about 2 cups of sugar, boiled them until most of the water had evaporated, and poured it into sterilized jars....

Then enjoyed blackcap raspberry syrup over oatmeal pancakes with extra raspberries this morning.

 What a pleasure.


Alan Surratt said...

Looks awesome, you're in your element girl!

Lisa said...

Thanks Alan! Funny how life circles around...