Monday, July 30, 2012

Farm Foodies

Sara is always up for making a great meal. We've created a lot of wonderful meals here at Elk Creek, which I have eaten with enthusiasm. Between fresh organic mint, cilantro, garlic, heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, berries, green beans, and an occasional fig, the Hammonds have an array of fresh and delicious ingredients to choose from for their meals this time of year.

We are able to get at least one thing if not more from the garden onto everybody's plates for just about every meal. I really enjoy it.

Prepping a salsa

Elk Chili made with an elk Sherman hunted, canned Super Tasty tomatoes from last season, and Elk Creek squash

A Balinese-style fruit arrangement--featuring Elk Creek strawberries

Elk Creek zucchini and egg fritters topped with fresh salsa

Green beans with garlic, carrots, soy sauce, and sesame seeds--lots from the garden in here

Hand-tossed pizza with mixed vegetables

Raspberry jam, a la Elk Creek

Beef and bean tostadas with fresh veggies

A tomato sauce from more canned Super Tasty tomatoes from last season

And a red, white, and blue patriotic dessert for the Olympics opening ceremony!
It's hard to say where the garden work ends and the kitchen work begins. And that how I like to live.


Meg said...

Mmmm...I loved some of those meals!

Sara said...

Thanks to a great chopper!

Lisa said...

I was happy to chop away...thank you Sara!