Saturday, July 28, 2012

Taking Time For Fun

Megan, Sara, and I have been working hard to keep Elk Creek Gardens going and growing. We've been very busy weeding, digging, planting, picking, and preparing this past week, so a few days ago Megan and I decided to take off for some fun. We ended up at Union Creek, Oregon where we camped, hiked, and ate delicious homemade berry pie near the Rogue River for 2 days.  

When we returned, we all went Ashland for a day, a small city that is great for walking and shopping. I spotted this incredible trailer at the Ashland Food Co-op. I wish I could meet the owner!

And yesterday, I visited Crater Lake National Park. 

Crater Lake is the US's deepest lake. It was formed over the last 7000 years after a volcano blew its top off, leaving a sort of bowl behind called a caldera. It filled with rainwater and soon enough, voila.

Since there are no streams flowing into or out of the lake, few fish species exist. Wind is the only element that moves the water around it seems. Very interesting contained ecology.

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